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Jul 1

Day 22 – Favourite outfit.

Skipping “Day 21 – Best Torchwood fanvid you’ve found (or created yourself),” because I’m not a big fanvid person.

Favourite outfit?! Well, duh:


Torchwood 30 Day Challenge — Day 20

Day 20 – Whatever tickles your fancy.

Again with the unimaginative questions… repetition… anyways… what do I want to post today? I’ve posted a lot of Jack/Ianto and a lot of Tosh/Owen… so maybe I’ll do something a little different, since I never show poor Gwen the love she deserves!


Torchwood 30 Day Challenge — Day 19

Day 19 – Your OTP/ship.

Oh, fuck yes… <3!

Torchwood 30 Day Challenge — Day 18

Day 18 – Your most favourite sex scene. ;)

Obviously I have to choose the one when Gwen walks in on Jack and Ianto in the Hub xD… Enjoy:

Jun 9

Torchwood 30 Day Challenge — Day 15

Day 15 – Behind the scenes video that made you laugh the most.

I really wish that I could find it online somewhere, because this is a really lame post if I can’t prove how awesome it was… but its from the bonus features on the season 1 Doctor Who DVDs… when John Barrowman sings part of Baby Got Back… if you know where to find a video, or even a gif, of this, wanna send it to me? >_<

Also, I know that’s not technically Torchwood, but it is John Barrowman, and Captain Jack Harkness…  so I think it still works >_<

Jun 9

Torchwood 30 Day Challenge — Day 14

Day 14 – Something you’d like to re-write in the series.

I honestly can’t think of much that I would change about Torchwood… None of the plot stuff that happens really seemed wrong to me or annoyed me. And I don’t think Tosh and Owen’s deaths could have been any better written if they needed to happen.

However, I guess there are a few things I might have changed, if I had such control:

  • I might have kept Owen alive, because I really love his character… of course then I would have had to have saved Tosh too.. because the best thing about them both was that they were so close to getting together, and they would have been a really nice couple.
  • Second, I probably would have saved Ianto. Probably even more likely than me saving Toshiko and Owen, and for two reasons. One: He was my favourite character on the show, (and I would probably say the one most like me, if I were being really egotistical)… he’s sarcastic, funny, sexy, intelligent, and just amazing… the second reason: his death was not nearly as epic as he deserved… his death should have torn me apart more than Tosh and Owen’s, and it didn’t. So, I would either save him, or give him a better death…
Jun 6

Torchwood 30 Day Challenge — Day 13

Day 13 – An image that makes you want to cry and hug a chibi Jack or Ianto.

How about one that makes me want to hug them both… >_<

Jun 5

Torchwood 30 Day Challenge — Day 12

Day 12 – Your favourite series of them all.

Are we using Doctor Who language here? Aka: My favourite Season?

If so, then I’d have to say Series (season) 2, because by then you’ve had time to get acquainted with and then fall madly in love with the team, and also, I think Russel T Davies got better at making Torchwood, and it’s al just brilliant. So yes. Season 2.

Jun 4

Captain Jack's Theme
Studio Orchestra & Ben Foster

Torchwood 30 Day Challenge — Day 11

Day 11 – A piece of music that you love from the series.

"Captain Jack’s Theme" by Murray Gold, of course!!

This is currently my phone’s ringtone!!!